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picture_atlas The PNPI group at ATLAS experiment was formed in January 2001. The major activity of group is connected to preparation of ATLAS experiment. ATLAS is one of the two major universal detectors at LHC for searches of new phenomena in high-energy physics. The origin of mass at the electroweak scale is a major focus of interest for the ATLAS. Other important goals are the search for heavy W- and Z-like objects, for supersymmetric particles, for compositeness of the fundamental fermions, as well as investigations of CP violation in B-decay and detailed studies of the top quark. The ATLAS detector design was guided by a broad spectrum of detailed physics studies. PNPI team is involved in the contsruction and design of Transition Radiation Tracker. TRT is part of the Inner Detector of the ATLAS experiment. The TRT is a straw drift tube detector that combines electron identification capability with the traditional charged particle track reconstruction in gaseous detector. PNPI team is responsible to build 50 four-plane end-cap TRT modules (wheels) which contains 150000 straw tubes. PNPI team is involved also in development of TRT software, in physics simulations for ATLAS experiment and testing of TRT prototypes on SPS test beam. The staff of the group includes 23 persons: 6 physicists, 2 graduated student, 4 engineers and 11 technicians
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